Monday, November 16, 2009

The Apologist in Chief

We all know that Barack Obama thinks that America sucks. This was evident by his many anti-American associations prior to his ever becoming elected president, and from a number of the statements he has made both before and after he took the highest office of the country he dislikes so much.

It was, in fact, a major cornerstone of his foreign policy during the election, and has remained a part of it now that he is Commander in Chief.

America was wrong. It is sorry. Forgive it. It will be better behaved. It sucks.

While this attitude was disturbing to me from day one of his campaign, it has become infinitely more disturbing now that Obama has the keys to Air Force One and a long list of foreign countries more than willing to accept America's apology for all the evil things it has done in the name of unilateralism, imperialism, and George Bush.

Hope and change for America has meant, in foreign policy circles at least, turning our back on and insulting allies, groveling at the feet of evil dictators, and the commencement of a new era of emboldened enemies.

I see nothing good coming out of it.

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