Wednesday, November 25, 2009

NPR's Take on the Leaked Climate Emails (Really, I Heard the Program)

Much is being made of the assumed hacked (but possibly leaked) CRU emails that have popped up all over the internet.

For those of you unaware, the leaked emails produced evidence that climate scientists were engaging in systematic deceit. Climate science, those who have studied the emails charge, has become too politicized.

To drive the point home, NPR dragged out NASA climate expert James Hansen in this evening's edition of All Things Considered.

In fact, one of the world's most celebrated climate scientists says the review system has gotten so distorted, it's even thwarting him. James Hansen at NASA's Goddard Institute argues that the consensus view of global warming actually understates the risks. In his new book, Storms of my Grandchildren, he writes that he wanted to publish a big paper critical of the consensus view, but he had "no realistic chance of publishing it in a regular scientific journal" because he assumed the reviewers would reject it to defend their centrist point of view.
In a disclosure story where the evidence is tearing at the liberal scientific community for its political deceit, NPR has found an angle that accepts the tenor of the accusation, but declares an unexpected victim--green climate hysterics.

When it comes to deceit and drowning out contrary opinions, climate scientists have nothing on National Socialist Radio.


Hershblogger said...

This?! is the guy NPR cites as an expert?

[NASA's director of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies] James Hansen, one of the world's leading climate scientists, will today call for the chief executives of large fossil fuel companies to be put on trial for high crimes against humanity and nature, accusing them of actively spreading doubt about global warming...

More on Hansen here

The Rougman said...

One and the same.

Makes me feel kinda warm and fuzzy.