Thursday, November 05, 2009

Can We Call it Terrorism Yet?

Well, that is hard to say just yet.

Certainly the AP and the BBC were more than willing to raise the possibility that the horrific Fort Hood massacre could be the result of a man suffering from depression or post traumatic stress disorder.

Too many deployments. Too many battle scars. Too many traumatized American fighting men and women needing services from a military stretched too thin both on the battlefield and in its support services.

Suicides have been on the rise, and there have been several other acts of soldier on soldier crime at Fort Hood in recent years past. Earlier today I had already seen a couple of lists that documented the incidents of soldier on soldier crime that have taken place in the past few years down at Fort Hood.

Now, a few hours later, we are discovering that the perpetrator of this horrific crime is a life long American Muslim who felt that America's war in Iraq and Afghanistan were illegitimate. He ranted to colleagues and on his website that Muslims should rise up against the aggressors, and that he saw no difference between falling on a hand grenade and strapping on a suicide belt. He had never been to Iraq or Afghanistan, and if he was suffering from any sort of PTSD, it was through his exposure as a psychiatrist that he received while administering care to returning military personnel.

While the media were quick to post lists and words that might help bolster the argument that the war had helped derange another American hero, I expect there will be little documenting done by the media on the number of Islam driven violent crimes that have taken place in this country since 2001.

Oh, I know we are not supposed to say such things because it might be offensive to some, and others might feel harassed at the mere suggestion.

If this doesn't smell of terrorism, I don't know what does.

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