Monday, November 09, 2009

Conyers Wants some Head Knocking

In 1965, when John Conyers first took office in the House of Representatives, Lyndon B. Johnson was President of the United States. Conyers still has a soft spot in his heart for those early years when his future wife Monica was in diapers and members of his own political party were trashing the Civil Rights Act.

Conyers remains sentimental over that political period and wishes that Barack Obama would be more like LBJ when it comes to pushing through legislation that will be disastrous to America, just like most of LBJ's Great Society initiatives were.

"the president could take a few pages from Lyndon Johnson's book ... and start knocking heads together."
Perhaps so. And then the rest of America could spend another fifty years trying to undo all the damage. John Conyers is so blind that he cannot look at the city of Detroit today and see the damage that the good intentions of government programs can do.

Then again, what can you say about a politician whose wisest political move ever may have been in the asking for his future wife's hand? I presume that is what keeps those visions of "knocking heads together" so fresh.

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