Monday, November 23, 2009

AGW Causing Prostitution

Calamitous global climate change is forcing poor third world women into the flesh trade according to a UN official. What seems to be missed by the wise Suneeta Mukherjee is that it is the lack of wealth that drives most people into poverty and forces people already suffering from poverty to stay there.

And it is poverty itself that overwhelmingly serves as the bludgeon that knocks people into the sex trades, not the alleged (and disputed) rise in Earth's temperature of 0.74 degrees Celsius.

Yet, it is poverty promoting measures such as the ones to be divined at the Copenhagen conference that the UN is pushing to solve a problem that has existed since halitosis suffering fat ugly perverts first discovered a heavy coin purse could buy more than merely gruel and ale.

Three Points Essential To Climate Change Negotiations

Among observers, the consensus is that, in order to achieve that sort of success, three points must be agreed upon.

  • Mid- and long-term goals for reductions in greenhouse gases
  • Financial support for newly industrialized countries and developing countries from developed nations
  • Technology transfer to poorer countries
Global wealth redistribution, or international welfare, is an essential ingredient that UN authorities believe it must ultimately achieve in order to save the planet, and the UN's Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen is a critical step along that path for the world body. All the other arguments are merely window dressing.

That mandated global reductions in CO2 emissions will help to cripple the world economy seems to have little import to these people, and by default, the crocodile tears being shed by international bureaucrats over prostitutes in Manila seems more than a bit forced. A bad world economy will compel more people to wander into prostitution than any CO2 action being pushed by the UN will ever prevent.

They know this, they simply don't care. It doesn't fit the narrative.

h/ts to Watts and Drudge

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