Friday, November 20, 2009

News That Couldn't Come At A Better Time

The arrogance of government is often hard to stomach.

Here we are struggling in the midst of what is the greatest economic global collapse in nearly 100 years. This collapse is a gift to this country and the world from our benevolent overlords whose intestines get tied in knots whenever they detect either inequality between private citizens or private enterprise freely taking place without government's direct involvement.

Despite our government's inability to even deliver mail without a multibillion dollar shortfall, predict unemployment more than a couple of months in the future, or teach school children where the Earth is on a globe, it thinks it can predict the mature form of industries that are yet in their infancy. (Do we even need to mention that the industry-child is a cloned creation of government implanted into the womb of a surrogate mother?)

If only given the opportunity to look into an expensive taxpayer financed crystal ball, it feels it will be able to determine what jobs unemployed workers should start training for on more of the taxpayer's dime.

The U.S. Secretary of Labor announced this morning that Michigan will share a $4 million pot of federal stimulus funds with Indiana and Ohio to collect information about the labor market and help workers and businesses enter renewable energy industries.

On a conference call with reporters Wednesday, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis was joined by U.S. Rep. Mark Schauer, D-Battle Creek. and others to discuss how the grant will help auto manufacturers looking to diversify and workers who have lost their jobs find employment in the green energy sector.

Schauer said this will help a number of businesses in his district, which includes Jackson.

“This news couldn’t come at a better time,” he said.
Ya, this really is a great time to witness that our government continues to be willing to toss good money after bad. This in a failing economy that it helped nurture by spending borrowed money on stupid shit like this that will not make a blip's worth of difference in anyone's life other than the people that will be paid to collect the data.

If bureaucrats had to pony up their own money to perpetuate this nonsense it would stop cold in its tracks. It is unaccountable, it is incorrigible, and it is spending our money for the sake of spending our money.

Indeed, this sort of news could never come at a better time. Where can I apply for one of these data collecting jobs?

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