Thursday, September 06, 2007

NFL on Thursday Night

Chris Collinsworth and Keith Olbermann on the same set.

Both. At. Once.

If I didn't have kids in school I'd jab bamboo in my ears and gouge my eyes out with a soup spoon.

The smartest thing Collinsworth has ever said in his broadcasting career was that he was in favor of the NFL fining the Detroit Lion because, as he figured, wasting a black man's time in a fruitless job interview would be better than being honest about the club's intent to hire a Caucasian candidate. And that was the smartest thing he ever said. His uncomfortable voice delivering inaccurate pronouncements is only rivaled by his refutable logic. This is a man Larry Craig would shy away from in Minneapolis.

But, I long for the day when Chris Collinsworth will fill my football evenings with his melodious incantations of ridiculous superlatives if it only meant I would never again be exposed to the self absorbed me-yammering of Keith Olbermann.

In his segment tonight "the worst person in the NFL" he nominated himself. Keith, when did you join the NFL?

You are worse than an idiot.

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