Monday, September 24, 2007

Free Exchange of Ideas at Columbia

The big day has arrived!

Finally, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has had his opportunity to address the American public via a forum afforded him by those believers in the free exchange of ideas at Columbia University.

Evidently Columbia University, champion of free speech and the free exchange of ideas (idea 1. Genocide is bad; idea 2. In theory, yes. Unless Jews are involved), is taking certain precautions to make sure that their ostentatious commitment to “free speech” and the “free exchange of ideas” remains untroubled by the kind of annoying dissent that can turn such a signature moment of academic “tolerance” into a potential hate crime. To that end, the entire performance is being tightly controlled by doctrinaire relativists, a growing cadre of oxymoronic leftist thought police to whom free speech is only free once it is protected from the kinds of responses that might presume forcefully to challenge it. Which is why Mahmoud’s speech is closed to the public, no protest signs are permitted, and students will ask questions from index cards, with no give and take allowed.
I completely understand the narrative, I just didn't realize that exchange could be like, so one-sided.

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