Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ahmadinejad to Visit 9-11 Disaster Site?

Please say it isn't so. From the New York Sun:

In a move that has stunned New York, the Bloomberg administration is in discussions to escort the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to ground zero during his visit to New York next week, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said today.

The Iranian mission to the U.N. made the request to the New York City Police Department and the Secret Service, which will jointly oversee security during the leader's two-day visit. Mr. Ahmadinejad is scheduled to arrive September 24 to speak to the U.N. General Assembly as the Security Council decides whether to increase sanctions against his country for its uranium enrichment program.

Mr. Kelly said the NYPD and Secret Service were in discussions with the Iranian Mission about the logistics for the possible visit, and whether it will take place at all. He said that for safety reasons related to ongoing construction at ground zero Mr. Ahmadinejad would not be allowed to descend into the pit.

"There has been some interest expressed in his visiting the area," Mr. Kelly said. "It's something that we are prepared to handle if in fact it does happen."

Mr. Kelly said Mr. Ahmadinejad had not indicated why he wants to visit the site of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.
Is there no thing sacred to this country any more? If there was ever a place that should not succumb to relativist political maneuvers, this is it. If Mayor Bloomberg even engages in discussions like this he will help to raise Ahmadinejad's political status in Iran and will help to heighten his credibility to many Muslim the world over.

This guy is our enemy, has sworn to annihilate our allies, is currently supplying arms and munitions to kill our soldiers overseas, is deliberately trying to unsteady an already tottering Middle East, and is flaunting his nuclear program in the face of countless UN sanctions.

Sure, lets escort him around town. Is it any wonder that Muslim fascists the world over scoff at us and see us as a weak enemy with no will?


According to Pirate's Cove, Ahmadinejad's guided tour of Ground Zero has been denied for "safety and security reasons." To say he is upset, not by the denial, but for the reasons behind the denial, would be a bit of an understatement.
But not denied because Sneezy is a tinpot dictator hell bent on imposing radical Islam around the world or that he wants to wipe Israel off the map. Not denied because he is arming insurgents in Iraq. Not denied because he is a Holocaust denier. No, no, because of fucking security and safety. Un-fucking-believable. Takes quite a bit to get me to curse in writing. I put this in the "Beyond Moonbat" category, but, perhaps I should have a new one "What the F*ck is going through your head?"

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