Friday, September 21, 2007

Hospital Suspends Muslim Chaplain Months After Being Kicked out of Mosque Over Radical Views

I've screamed my head off over moderate Muslims not distancing themselves from the murderous Islamsists that are trying to become the only recognizable face of Islam.

So, when we have Muslims speaking out against radicals from within, why don't the rest of us stupid non-Muslims listen?

Before losing his job, Ali upset people at Friday prayers by inviting a guest preacher who praised pro-Taliban rebels in Pakistan as martyrs, The Times reported. The preacher, a British-born father of four, had previously been banned for life from a local mosque, the Greenwich Islamic Centre. The institution spent at least 30,000 pounds taking legal action to the county court so that Ali could be forbidden from attending the mosque.

Court papers claim he showed a video to children in the mosque containing clips of the 9/11 incident and chanted "Allah-o-Akbar". The mosque said it tried informally to warn the hospital about its concerns months ago.
I think people have gotten so afraid of being accused of being Islamophobes that they overlook legitimate fear.

Then again, I might just be a hater.

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