Saturday, January 07, 2006

Some Sunnis Are Tiring of Terrorist Attacks

In Threats Watch by way of The Religion of Peace.

The city of Ramadi is the last bastion of the insurgency and al-Qaeda in Anbar province. Yesterday’s deadly attack on prospective police recruits waiting outside the recruiting center may go a long way to erode that support.

The Washington Post reports “at least 80 Sunni Arabs were killed and 61 wounded” by the suicide bomber, and residents of Ramadi are furious. Tribal leaders, who are very influential in the Iraqi culture, were killed during the attacks.

The responsibility for the attack is being placed directly on al-Qaeda’s shoulders. “Neither the Americans nor the Shiites have any benefit in doing this. It is Zarqawi,” said the brother of one of the wounded. According to the Washington Post, “Another group of people beat a doctor in the hospital after he told an Iraqi journalist that U.S. forces were to blame for the attacks… Others said they hoped that sympathies in the city… would turn against Zarqawi’s faction.”
It cannot be any surprise that the day to day residents of these war torn communities are tired of living in fear and I think momentum to this end will increase. It is way past time for the Imams of Iraq and greater Islam to adamently denounce these types of violence. Whose God could possibly be served by such blatant evil?

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