Tuesday, January 10, 2006

More Appeasement in Britain

From World Net Daily, with a hat-tip to Right Nation.

A British airline banned its staff from taking Bibles and wearing crucifixes or St. Christopher medals on flights to Saudi Arabia to avoid offending the country's Muslims.

British Midland International also has told female flight attendants they must walk two paces behind male colleagues and cover themselves from head to foot in a headscarf and robe known as an abaya, the Mirror newspaper of London reported.

Teddy bears or other cuddly toys also are not allowed.

Airline officials, who have sparked outrage, the paper says, explain the Islamic kingdom's strict laws – enforced by religious police – prohibit public practice of Christianity and figures of animals.

BMI spokesman Phil Shepherd said: "In providing air services people want, demand and use, we have an obligation to respect the customs of the destination country."
My question is how would Muslims react if an airline refused to allow its staff to bring Korans on its airplanes? I'm guessing a jihad.

It is sad when Muslims are successful in extorting western businesses with threats of jihad like they did recently over a Burger King ice cream label. It is even sadder when a business practices pre-emptive appeasement.

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