Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Canada Leans Conservative in National Election

Our northern neighbors elected a conservative government for the first time in 12 years. From Reuters via Drudge.

I love traveling to Canada and always have. The past few years however I have stayed south of the Canadian border as I rejected the anti-American attitude that many Canadians are so proud to spew. Booing the American National Anthem in Montreal, negative comments about the US by Canadian government officials, and the horrible slant against America by large Canadian dailies in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto soured me on travel to the Soo and north. I felt that if I was going to spend my money somewhere, I at least wanted to spend it in a place where I was welcome.

It is too early to tell of course, after this one election, exactly what the long term trend in Canadian politics and attitudes toward America will be. After all, this is still a minority government in Canada, and there are plenty of America haters left up north. However, this is perhaps the start of a more positive relationship between our two countries.

Now I feel I might be able to rethink my summer traveling plans. The few American dollars I have in my wallet are always better spent amongst friends, and not around those that hold me in contempt. We shall see.

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