Sunday, January 22, 2006

Many European Companies Pulling Up Roots

This article from Powerline takes up where the Telegraph leaves off. European companies are rebelling against the red tape and low productivity of the EU and investing heavily in America and Asia.

Europe's decline might very well be irreversible, not so much because its leaders are benighted--statism always tends to be popular, I suppose, among those who run the state--but because there doesn't seem to be a groundswell of concern among Europe's peoples. When the United States appeared to be in decline during the 1960s and, especially, the 1970s, huge numbers of Americans rebelled against the idea that decline was an inevitability we should all get used to--an idea that was much more commonly expressed, at that time, than many people now realize. The American people chose Ronald Reagan to lead them mostly, I think, because he was the politician who most clearly and eloquently refused to accept the prospect of declining wealth and influence. I don't see any similar process underway in western Europe.
Why can't socialists ever see something like this coming?

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