Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Egypt Threatens Abbas With Non-Support

How bad does it have to get before someone besides the Israelis condemn the chaos in Palestinian controlled areas? Apparently, only this bad.

From the Jerusalem Post,

Egypt threatened to withdraw its support for the Palestinian Authority if the PA did not act to control the rampant anarchy in the Gaza Strip, according to a report in the London Arab newspaper Al Quds.

The report claimed that following the incident at the Rafah border crossing in which two Egyptian soldiers were killed, Egyptian authorities delivered the threat to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas as part of a specially delivered message.
Of course, we have all seen the absolutely deplorable activities of the Palestinians in Palestinian controlled areas for years. But, this was not a big problem for Egypt as long as Israel kept a lid on the terrorist problem. With the buffer gone this is no longer the case.
In the incident at the border crossing last Wednesday, two Egyptian border guards were killed and at least 30 were wounded when scores of Fatah gunmen opened fire at Egyptian army posts. They first demolished parts of the concrete slabs along the border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip, enabling many Palestinians to cross into Egypt.

Eyewitnesses said the gunmen used a bulldozer and explosives to create a hole in the wall. Egyptian border guards and Palestinian Authority policemen fired into the air in an unsuccessful attempt to prevent Palestinians from infiltrating into Egypt, they added.
I have a suggestion as to how to handle this type of situation if it ever happens again. The next time Palestinians try and invade your territory, don't shoot your guns in the air, shoot at the terrorists!

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