Saturday, January 21, 2006

Book Of Daniel Actor Strikes Back Against Immature Christians

Aiden Quinn, who plays Daniel in the "The Book Of Daniel," a television drama designed to cast Christians as hypocrites and malfunctionaries, is tired of people noticing that the Christians in his series are hypocrites and malfunctionaries.

He says, "I think it's time to grow up, America. I mean, come on. This is just a dramatic device for the internal dialogue that my character is having and it's just what he imagines Jesus might be saying to him back and forth.

"This is not the second coming, this is not the historical Jesus. The historical Jesus, for all the people that are really upset, would be a Sephardic, dark-skinned Jew - remember that."

And the actor urges those making a fuss about the show to actually watch it.

He adds, "It's an organised group that haven't seen the show... The faith in this is really sincere. It's an adult, witty, well-written, well-cast show. Give it a chance."
Thank you, Aiden for the lecture and your historical perspective on the obvious. Thank you for telling me to grow up too. But, in my defense, you cannot expect us pill-popping, philandering, alcoholic, homosexual, delusional and neurotic Christians to be perfect, can you?

I am not upset about the show, I am just critical of it. And, you should see my house, I'm not that well organized either.

What a dope.

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