Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Unions Killing Democrat Party? I Think Not.

This headline caught my eye on M-live.

Unions do their best to kill the Democratic Party in Michigan
I got a few paragraphs in before I read this:
But big labor is doing what it does best: Strong-arm and screw over the Democratic Party. (Just take a look at how how AFSCME is trying to kill President Obama's health care reform and the NEA and American Federation of Teachers are trying to quash education reform.) Naturally, freshmen are scared witless and looking to do anything to please labor, instead of questioning the true effectiveness of top-heavy organizations that peaked when poodle skirts were still in fashion.
What kind of reasoning is this? The unions monolithically (with the help of other misguided socialists) put these yokels into office, so why should this generation of union members not expect to get political favors in exchange for their votes when generation after generation of previous union voters were rewarded by big-government Democrats for choosing any candidate with a D behind his name?

It is the taxpayers and the consumers that have been getting screwed over by the unions, not the poor Democrat Party. How long should we expect unsustainable financial policies to stay in effect before the whole house of cards comes tumbling down? I'd say we are lucky the whole smoke and mirrors thing lasted as long as it has.

When the unions finally do fall completely off the scene it will not be because they abandoned the Democrat Party's socialist principles, but because of their unfortunate propensity for developing symbiotic relationships with hosts they don't mind killing.

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