Sunday, October 25, 2009

The State Becomes a Parent

From the Daily Mail:

An obese couple’s seven children are all to be taken into care after their newborn daughter was removed over fears she would become dangerously overweight.

Three children had already been removed by social services before the infant was taken from her mother within hours of her birth.

Now her ‘heartbroken’ parents have learned that their three other children will be taken away from them too.

They say the children of the so-called 'fat family' are being removed over fears they would also become clinically obese.
One wonders why the benevolent surgeon of the state doesn't just do some snipping here and there to prevent the obese from ever giving birth to begin with. Or why any adult should ever be allowed to have children if the conditions for raising the cherubs is non-utopian.

Perhaps the parenting rights of all obese should be stymied, as well as those of all smokers, those who speed, litter, or believe the Bible speaks out against homosexuality. Should adults who are skeptical of man made global warming be allowed to propagate when their progeny are likely to emulate their AGW denying parents?

Creating utopia might not be so difficult if those in power are given the authority to indiscriminately shape society through the confiscation of its children.

h/t Overlawyered

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