Monday, October 05, 2009

Letterman Saga

In today's Detroit Free Press there is an expert's discussion as to how the David Letterman scandal will affect the late night host's popularity.

I'm guessing not at all.

How long has the entertainment industry been devoid of any real moral compass to begin with? The scandals, particularly those of a sexual nature, have been swirling around the television/movie/music cesspool for decades. America and the world have proven themselves to be little concerned with the peccadilloes of its beautiful people (ok, Dave, even I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt with that inclusion.)

Consorting with brutal dictators has done little to sour the careers of many entertainment leftists. Drug abuse and alcohol excess, it seems, have been used as window dressing to enhance the popularity of several kingpins, and when it comes to sex, well, much of Hollywood itself has even come to the defense of the child stalker and pedophile Roman Polanski.

No, a simple sex scandal by the gap toothed pundit isn't going to hurt him overmuch. Dave is more likely to get lambasted by feminists for sexual harassment than he is for being a man with no moral compass.

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Anonymous said...

I started boycotting the letterman show when he made his "jokes" about Sarah Palin's daughter. (Actually without meaning to, I began boycotting his show long before that due to his lack of humor - oh sure, those goofy faces he makes might cause a seventh-grader to giggle, but they don't do so much for me.)

CBS would do well to fire letterman and bring back Dan Rather in his place. Imagine - Dan reporting the "news" and claiming it as factual. Now that would be funny.