Thursday, October 01, 2009

Broom and Dustpan

I've done some clean up around here on my blogroll.

I've added Watts Up With That, Ric's Rulez and Popehat. I've deleted Little Green Footballs.

Watts Up With That is a blog that primarily discusses the nuts and bolts science behind our planet's climate debate. If you hear of any new report or statement made by a climate expert you can bet the discussion will quickly hit the pages of WUWT if it hasn't already.

Ric's Rulez is the blog of Ric Locke, a long time commenter over at Protein Wisdom whose understanding of politics and personality surpasses that of 99.99 percent of all blogs out there. He wishes he had better teeth.

is group blog that primarily discusses legal issues though it far from draws a line at that. The commentary ranges from biting to the simply informative, but it is always manages to be interesting. Keep your eye on Ken. He gets sarcastic.

Little Green Footballs is one of the most popular blogs out there. It helped to expose the liar Dan Rather for who he is and also introduced me to the guitar talents of both Andy McKee and Monte Montgomery. Philosophically we have simply parted ways.

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