Friday, October 02, 2009

If Only Politics Were More Like Sports

Hey, am I the only one encouraged by the reaction of Delmon Young to being plunked by a well aimed Jeremy Bonderman fastball behind the knee in last night's baseball game between the Detroit Tigers and the Minnesota Twins?

Let me set the stage...

The game was out of reach. Detroit had already been buried by the 8th inning when Minnesota's Jose Mijares intentionally threw a fastball at Detroit's shortstop Adam Everett. Everett evaded the pitch and it went sailing just behind his back.

Mijares had been sufficiently provoked, he felt, because the Tigers had stolen two bases off of him in a game that had essentially been decided. It had already happened twice in the inning and Mijares was powerless to do anything about it as Minnesota was ceded the bases to the Tigers' runners with defensive indifference.

Mijares had had enough when Everett walked to the plate and he unleashed his infamous fastball. After the pitch sailed behind Everett both benches were warned and the inning commenced.

When Minnesota came to bat in the 9th inning it was Delmon Young with the unfortunate duty of leading off--knowing full well that he was likely going to be the target of a Detroit pitcher.

First pitch....Thwack! A direct hit and it looked like it hurt. Bad.

Young went down in a heap but hobbled to his feet quickly yelling and pointing at another player. He was very angry and I suppose having to suffer unnecessary and intentional pain is as good a reason as any to be pissed. This is where I will celebrate the response of Mr. Young.

Young’s anger was directed at Twins pitcher Jose Mijares, who threw a pitch behind Adam Everett in the eighth inning, sparking an ejection for Tigers manager Jim Leyland and an official warning to both benches. Bonderman whacked Young behind the left knee with his first pitch of the ninth inning, prompting Young to point directly into his own dugout, at Mijares.

“He wasn’t upset with them. He was upset with one of our teammates,” Twins outfielder Denard Span said. “I think he was thinking about it the whole inning before that and he realized he was on deck. I’m just glad it wasn’t me up.”
Imagine what our political landscape would look like if all politicians today would refuse to tolerate the foolish antics of their own party members and were willing to call out them out when they did something or said something that was indefensible.

Delmon Young didn't like the idea of taking a pitch for his stupid teammate and called him out. I sort of like this guy.


coachlon passes this along from the Star Tribune

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stonehands said...

"[Mijares] needs to understand how to play the game," Young said. "This isn't the minor leagues over here."