Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I am a Baaaaaad Man

People clear a wide path when I walk down the street because I have reputations for both a hair trigger temper and lighting quick fists. Men and women alike scurry away from me in fear while children peek from afar, their faces partially obscured behind branches, rocks, or trembling fingers, hoping that I fail to catch them in my steely gaze. You don't want to cross me.

I am a baaaaad man.

I fear neither the law nor the lawman. I am a rugged opportunist and play by my own self centered rules. Dennis Hopper envies my attitude, Sean Penn my individualism.

You can see it in the way I live my life; the way that I push fate's envelope, laugh at danger, and poke fun at death. Mostly though, you can see it by my wheels--a sleek '95 Buick with a mint scented air freshener dangling by a string from the rear view mirror. I dare you coppers, just try and pull me over!

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