Friday, October 16, 2009

Should Results Matter?

In the same month that Barack Obama can win the Nobel Peace Prize I suppose I should not be surprised that the National Association of State Boards of Education has named Jennifer Granholm the Policy Leader of the Year.

I know that every Michigander is proud of the award bestowed upon our Dear Leader, without whom education in Michigan would be in horrible shape. It is, after all, under her leadership that Michigan's largest school district has had its graduation rate skyrocket to almost 30 percent.

Under her leadership the robust Michigan economy has been able to exemplify the importance of progressive education funding. Hundreds of schools have closed, programs have been eliminated, and teachers have been laid off. Meanwhile to find work each year, many thousands of new college graduates must move to climes disadvantaged by far inferior chief executives.

Michigan's governor sure knows a lot of things about education, she's just running out of people in-state to enlighten.

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