Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Uniform Squabble in Tortilla Factory

Let's add tortilla maker to the list of jobs that Muslim women should refrain from taking because their religious garb will not allow them to do the work either properly, cleanly, or safely.

As Robert Spencer at Dhimmi Watch says:

These women could just find jobs that don't require them to violate their standards of modesty. But instead, non-Muslims must adapt and accommodate Muslim demands. It is all part of the stealth jihad.
If Muslim women aren't stripping for a living because of their convictions, they shouldn't be making tortillas for the same reason. I can respect that. This "poor me" crap heaped on the rest of by a gaggle of opportunistic claptrap artists is something that I cannot.

Get a job your oppressive religion's garments will allow you to perform. Otherwise, shut up.

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