Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The "Reasonable" Myanmar Junta

We are now five days after a cyclone struck Myanmar and killed many thousands of people, wiped out entire villages and left tens of thousands of people without homes, food or water. Five days, yet there are still many aid teams being kept out of the country waiting on visas by the Myanmar's military junta. US naval ships still wait to assist the victims in transport and providing precious fresh water--they have not been given permission to help.

Today I read this in the BBC:

Speaking to reporters, the UN's humanitarian chief John Holmes accepted that aid agencies had faced difficulties accessing the disaster zone.

But, he said, co-operation from the Burmese authorities was "reasonable and heading in the right direction".

He dismissed a suggestion by the French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner that the UN Security Council should adopt a resolution allowing aid to be flown into the country by force as unnecessarily confrontational.
Reasonable according to whom?

Maybe he's saving his forceful commentary for when the cholera epidemic hits.

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