Monday, May 19, 2008

Official Mourning in Myanmar

The ruling junta of Myanmar has finally leaped into action and declared a three day period of mourning for the 100,000 or so dead and missing victims of a massive cyclone that hit there some two weeks ago.

The sociopath regime has thwarted nearly all foreign efforts to help ease the suffering of innocent victims including delaying aid shipments, denying rescue efforts, preventing foreign medical teams from treating victims, and disallowing disaster experts from touring the area. Meanwhile the government has seen fit to take the time to hold a national referendum (designed to strengthen the junta) and to slap the names of ruling generals onto box lunches provided by foreign countries. These sorts of propaganda opportunities don't occur every day.

So, as disease surely sets in among the now homeless and thirsty people of the Irrawaddy delta, the junta will solemnly pay its respects to the many tens of thousands of soon to die citizens its paranoid inaction will certainly kill.

Not only is the junta filled with sociopaths, it is also filled with people oblivious to irony. Those box lunch stickers would have been better used on caskets or on signs surrounding piles of burning corpses. At least that way proper credit would be issued.

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