Friday, May 02, 2008

Released Gitmo Detainee Carries out Bombing

Back in World War 2 there were several prisoner of war camps in Michigan's upper peninsula. To my knowledge, the prisoners housed there had been rounded up in Europe on the battlefield and were taken to a place far away where they could not endanger anyone for the duration of the war. None of those prisoners were allowed to their freedom so that they could rejoin the battlefield.

You would think that today's deep thinkers could muster up enough rational thought to conclude that the arrangements of WW2 made a lot more sense than today's idiocy surrounding Guantanamo. Protesters demand Gitmo's closure and that its detainees be treated as criminals rather than soldiers, thereby affording them the legal protections offered US citizens accused of a crime. Many a bureaucrat has fallen for this hype.

We find ourselves engaged in a War, and it would be best if politicians and lawyers continued to recognize this.

The word today is that a detainee released from Gitmo back in 2005 was the perpetrator of a recent suicide bombing carried out in Mosul that killed as many as seven people.

The specific story of the released detainee has not been reported yet, so there is no word as to why the man was released in 2005. One can be pretty sure, however, that without grandstanding legal theorists and leftist sympathizers there would have been no push to release this detainee until the end of hostilities.

None of the seven victims were available for comment.

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