Thursday, May 01, 2008

Somali al-Qaida Leader Meets Allah

Another one has bitten the dust, er, excuse me, "has received what he was looking for — death for the sake of Allah — at the hands of the United States."

But ridding the world of an evil murdering pipsqueak isn't necessarily good news if you read the AP.

Analysts say the strike is likely to harden extremists and make it more difficult to appeal to moderate elements in the Islamist movement, which contains many clan members, businessmen and members of the Somali Diaspora.

Iise Ali Geedi, an analyst at the Somali University, says the attacks will increase anti-American sentiment. The attack may also weaken the position of the prime minister, who wishes to bring more militant elements into the talks against the wishes of the president.
Taking out evil used to be universally recognized as a good thing, but now it is just something else for seasoned diplomats and journalists to fret over.

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