Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oil Executives Under Fire

If you are as tired of overpaying for gasoline at the pump as I am, you are probably even more tired of pontificating windbag Democrats angrily denouncing big oil for gouging consumers, automobile companies for producing inefficient cars, and consumers for not riding bicycles.

Yesterday, one such moment of pontification took place on Capitol Hill where wealthy members of the Senate Judiciary Committee took a moment to appear to care about consumers and their shrinking bank accounts by grilling top executives of the largest oil producers and refiners in this country.

John Hinderaker at Power Line provides an excellent summary and concluded his article with the following:

The committee's Democrats attempted no response. They know that they are largely responsible for the current high price of gasoline, and they want the price to rise even further. Consequently, they have no intention of permitting the development of domestic oil and gas reserves that would both increase this country's energy independence and give consumers a break from constantly increasing energy costs.

Every once in a while, Congressional hearings turn out to be informative.

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