Thursday, July 19, 2007

Rep. Mark Meadows Tackles Michigan Shitter Crisis

Never in the history of our great state of Michigan has a legislator worked so feverishly in the pursuit of its citizens' welfare. Rep. Mark Meadows has offered up legislation that, if passed by our benevolent leaders, could double or triple the number of toilets at Michigan construction sites.

An image copy of his memorandum is located at Right Michigan.

The text of said memo:

To: House Colleagues
From: Representative Mark Meadows
Date: July 19, 2007
Re: Co-sponsorship Opportunity

Tomorrow July 19th, I will have a blueback on my desk (seat #80) for co-sponsorship. The bill will amend the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act to make a general contractor provide no less than 1 toilet for each 10 employees on any construction, renovation, or demolition of any improvement to real property in Michigan.

The new legislation would require general contractors to provide employees with operational and sanitary toilets as well as hand soap and disinfecting agents in order to receive a permit for construction. Exceptions do apply when residential toilets are made available to employees on residential or commercial property by the owner or tenant.

I welcome your co-sponsorship on this bill.
Of course, the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration already has toilet rules on the books, but those levels are apparently not enough for the burgeoning bowels (or apparent ego) of Rep. Meadows.

In case no one has noticed, Michigan is one of the nation's leaders when it comes to unemployment, business flight, one-way U-Haul rentals, and government regulations. So, while Mr. Meadows will undoubtedly attack those problems when the time comes, first things must be addressed first!


A question from coachlon:
How can a common citizen become a co-sponsor of a bill? I'd like my name attached to that puppy!

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coachlon said...

How can a "common citizen" become a co-sponsor of a bill? I'd like my name attached to that puppy.