Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Midwest Conservative Journal

It appears that the world of Christianity has crashed headlong into the world of, er, Christianity.

Christopher Johnson at the Midwest Conservative Journal makes note of a recent dustup between the Rev. Elizabeth Keaton and the Rev. Anne Kennedy.

The Rev. Keaton is an avowed feminist lesbian of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark, while the Rev. Kennedy is a (gasp!) mother of young children (and of more conservative bent.)

It all began in a post on Rev. Keaton's blog that among other things, jabbed Rev. Kennedy thusly:

There is one woman, an Episcopal priest married to an Episcopal priest, whose writing sometimes flat out scares the BeJesus out of me. She is pregnant with their fourth child, the youngest of whom is not yet one year old. They are using "Natural Family Planning" - letting "God decide" on how many children they will be blessed with and resigning themselves to gladly take whatever God gives them, giving God the praise and glory.

She gets lots of support from women who have made similar choices, all giddy with what they describe as Christian love and the Holy Ghost. Everyone seems positively ecstatic about this new pregnancy while this poor woman writes about how she doesn’t have the energy to clean her house or herself or her children whom, she muses with mild curiosity, might get their feet cut on the cereal bowl one of them smashed this morning which she simply hasn’t had the inclination to clean up.

The women commenting on this have nothing but giddy high praise for her. I can only read so much before I have to reach for some dry crackers. Apparently, you can experience "morning sickness" by proxy.

Umm . . .Can you say, "Irresponsible?"

Okay, then. How about "Madness"?

Don’t believe me? Think I’m overstating my case? Well, after reading a few of her entries, I have seriously considered calling the local authorities.

I swear to God, one of these days you are going to read about this woman loading herself and her six kids in her mini van and driving them all into a nearby lake. Or, drowning them, one by one, in the bathtub and then lining their lifeless little bodies in a perfect row on their perfectly made beds in their perfect suburban home.
Much of the original post above has been edited to tidy up the controversy, and Rev. Keaton defends herself by noting that Kennedy's name was not mentioned (though the blog reference left no doubt.)

An interesting read.

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