Friday, July 20, 2007

An Open Letter To Michigan Senators Stabenow and Levin

I was very upset to see that you voted against the John Doe Amendment.

Call the vote what you like or justify it in any way that you can, but this vote is one that commands that we citizens sit back and wait for imminent danger before reporting any suspicious circumstances or fear being sued. Common sense should dictate to you and others in the Senate that this is inviting disaster.

We now have a diligent public. If it weren't for that, Richard Reid would have taken his aircraft out of the sky. We know that terrorists have made "dry runs" to test not only security on the ground, but the dilligence of fellow passengers in the air.

A dry run, by definition, is not supposed to be the real is a test. Yet, with your unreasoned vote, you tell the citizens of your state to wait until the terrorist is actually lighting the fuse on his shoe before trying to stop him. Otherwise, we can be sued.

I think you have failed to think this through completely or you are so terrified of CAIR that you would rather stand up on the side of bullies--simply because that is the easy thing to do.

Fortunately for you and the rest of our cowering lawmakers, citizens of this country will continue to remain dilligent. If I ever encounter a situation where I feel threatened by an Imam shouting "Allah Akhbar" and running up and down the aisle of my airplane, that guy is going down.

If and when I get sued for it I will send you the legal bill.

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