Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Incoherence of Many on the Episcopal Left

Wow. Some things I find are just beyond my capability to understand.

Enter the Dr. Rev. Ann Holmes Redding, an Episcopal priest and practicing Muslim. From the Episcopal Voice on Page 9, an article by Norah M. Joslyn that focuses on the Rev. Redding and her enlightenment.

After an introduction to a Muslim prayer practice early in 2006, Redding knew she had been wrestling with a call to Islam. She approached a Muslim woman and told her so, and the woman replied, "Christianity has been good to you and you to it, and you don't have to choose." That made all the difference in Redding's choice to practice Islam.
And the change has been, apparently, good for Redding's complexion.
People have seen a transformation in Redding. The words she has heard are, "you just glow." She says it's as if someone took the shade off her and everything is illuminated.
Andrew Plus comments on the furor while Greg Griffith, at Stand Firm, says that the Plus essay offers us, if nothing else,
a glimpse into the profound incoherence of many on the Episcopal left.
Found via Midwestern Conservative Journal.

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