Saturday, February 20, 2010

Now, That's Experience!

A person born on the same day that John Dingell became a member of the House of Representatives could be retiring from any number of professions today. They could have gone through high school, college, and now be approaching thirty five years of service.

I personally was born several years after Dingell first took office, and I began receiving AARP sign-up invitations a couple years ago.

There are few problems in America today that did not arrive while John Dingell sat in office. This is not to say that Dingell was pivotal in the creation of all of these problems, but it is certainly important to note that his presence in Congress did little to avoid them.

This morning Dingell announced that he will once again be seeking reelection. "Now is not the time to walk away" said the crusty octogenarian.

If not now, when?

I don't blame Dingell for wanting to stay vital and important in his lengthening years, and certainly he is capable of doing any number of things that could be very important to his community and his country. I think, however, that when a man serves in office as Dingell has that it is well past the time for another one to carry the torch and develop some of the experience that Dingell touts as the major reason why he continues to cling to higher office.

I have the same reservations over people like John McCain and John Conyers and have them over any politician that demands to stay in office long after they've had their fair opportunity to serve an adoring public.

John Dingell is doing no one but himself any favors.

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