Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tiger, I Demand an Apology!

Tiger Woods is going to apologize in a staged media event tomorrow. He messed up, knew he was messing up while he was messing up, and he would like to get his life back.

His life has been in turmoil since his longstanding series of scandals became public. He has left the sport that he loves and dominates. He has lost his wife and will lose many of his millions to her. He has lost respect among his friends and family.

He has hurt a lot of people with his double-life and has disappointed countless more. Sponsors are bailing and the sport he symbolizes is suffering. I'm not certain if a public figure has ever had to withstand such public humiliation.

As far as I'm concerned, however, there is but one person who he really has to apologize to to live a complete life. That would be his wife. She is the one that lived faithfully and in turn counted on his faithfulness. Now, I'm certain he has tried to make amends for that many times already, so tomorrow's little ceremony will be primarily aimed at those who followed him as fans. I think Woods has decided that he has to get on with his life and he feels this is an important step in that process.

However, not all of those who are demanding an apology deserve one.

The countless women who voluntarily entered into his extramarital scandals have not earned, in my opinion, one iota of sympathy, nor are they owed, in my opinion, one sliver of apology. They were willing accomplices in Tiger's bedroom charades. They knew he was married and they knew that any trysts they entered into were ones that trampled on a preexisting commitments. They are no less guilty than Tiger. It would make more sense to me if these ladies were to have a press conference concurrently with Woods and apologize for being accomplices in his misdeeds.

Perhaps it was the dollar signs or maybe it was the thought of a luminous conquest that drew these bimbos to Tiger's bedside. Maybe they just like Tiger's long iron game. Whatever the reason, they walked into the fleeting relationships without hesitation and without consideration for whom was truly being betrayed.

Gloria Allred and Joslyn James see things differently.

Veronica Siwik-Daniels (stage name James) wants to be named in tomorrow's event and wants to be personally apologized to. Ms. Siwik-Daniels left the porn industry for Tiger, and here she is, but a few months later, without a career and with her pride damaged.

I have a different take. If Siwik-Daniels wants to proudly spread her legs on camera I suppose that is entirely her business. If she wants to assist in the ruining of marriages she certainly has the tools to compete. But, if she honestly thinks she deserves an apology from Woods or any sympathy from observers over her victimization in these series of events, she is in way over her head.

My guess is that she is going to try and ride this publicity as far as she can. Which is, I suppose, not a particularly unfamiliar professional maneuver for the spurned porn starlet.

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