Thursday, February 04, 2010

Let's Hope There is no Opening on ESPN

Power Line reports the circulating scuttlebutt that MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann might be taking its last few gasps of air. The malevolent ass moved on to MSNBC a number of years ago but can still be seen on occasion displaying his caustic buffoonery as a sport's analyst.

His short lived "The worst person in the NFL" segment during NBC football coverage was, to my mind, the most horrific serial football analysis in the history of the sport. Putting it on the air once was sin enough--repeating the mistake week after week was sheer torture. I missed the second half of several football games because Olbermann's aggressive eyebrows forced me to change the channel, a change I had neither the strength nor stomach to undo.

Olbermann was a mainstay on ESPN even after the network became much too successful to justify employing his swollen and hate filled head cavity. He was not funny. He was without class. He had difficulty reading. His eyebrows were threatening.

Let us hope the soon to be unemployed Olbermann will catch a gig on Alternative Radio or one of those Dish Network channels in the 7000s. If he makes his way back to ESPN I will avoid whatever sport he bespoils.

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