Sunday, January 27, 2008

UK Health Care System Facing Problems

Some doctors in the UK are suggesting a new fangled method to combat the rising cost of health care--denying NHS services to the old and fat.

Ah, one of the many flavors of socialized medicine. The old are soon to die anyway and the fat should have pushed themselves back from the buffet table long before that sickeningly sweet third helping of canned vanilla pudding (with sprinkles.) Smokers and drunks have also made the short list of people not to bother hooking up the defibrillator to without a MasterCard and two forms of picture identification.

The doctors made their suggestions while responding to a survey conducted by Doctor magazine, many feeling that the NHS is facing a potential collapse as it tries to provide services to everyone when there are not enough resources available to do the job. The doctors seemingly answering that most macabre of questions shortly after the Titanic left port but long before any hint of an iceberg.

"Geez you're fat. Get in steerage!"

Meanwhile, government officials pandering for President in the US wouldn't see the potential end for something like this if it was strapped to the gracious ass of Rosie O'Donnell and beached along Martha's Vineyard during the regatta.

People seeking power will see only what they want to see and those wanting something for free will believe just about any sales pitch. The rest of us might just as well bring along the checkbook.

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