Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Malaysian Men Not Trustworthy

What an indictment it is against the Muslim male population in Malaysia to have it officially stated that men cannot be trusted to stand in line at the grocery store next to female shoppers.

But ladies, do not fear, for the Malay state government of Kelantan is jumping into action by passing a law that requires separate male and female lines at the market to keep the women safe.

Chief Minister Nik Aziz Nik Mat has called for stricter enforcement "to safeguard the ladies" from being harassed and to avoid close proximity between opposite sexes while lining up to buy groceries, Anual said. "He wants the enforcement to be looked into thoroughly."
Because, I suppose, we would rather see little Nik, Jr. learn to stand in his own line than teach him how to keep his hands off the opposite sex.

h/t Dhimmi Watch

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Feminist outrage? Anywhere? No? Didn't figure.