Monday, January 14, 2008

Michigan Primary Eve

A lot is being made of the Republican side of the Michigan primary tomorrow. (The Democrats could care less about a state already ruined by their socialist/union model knowing they can count on their sheep-fleeced constituency voting for them regardless of how dire things become and how taken for granted their votes are.)

I will never find a candidate that I am 100% in agreement with. If I hold out for that perfect candidate I will most likely never vote again. However, there is one candidate that I find myself in agreement with on just about everything. He would give Islamic terrorists the attention that they deserve. He would protect our borders. He would nominate constructionist judges. He would advocate tax cuts and a smaller federal government. Essentially I trust him on conservative issues more fully than I do any other candidate.

I am a conservative. That is why my vote tomorrow will be for Fred Dalton Thompson.

A huge hat tip to Right Wing News.

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