Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Florida Primary Goes to McCain

Which means we conservatives have gotten even more irrelevant.

I suppose Mitt Romney (the closest thing we have to a conservative left in the race and in case no one has noticed, not at all that conservative either) will keep on plugging for at least another week and with his money, who knows, he could stay in the race for as long as he wants. Realistically though, this win tonight by McCain puts him firmly in the driver's seat and I am not at all confident in Mitt to be able to pull this one out in the 9th inning.

In November we are probably looking at a McCain vs. Clinton slug fest and I hope they both get a bit bloodied. I will have no horse in this race.

From the commentary at Wizbang:

Now, what does this mean to conservatives who swore they would never vote for McCain should he become the nominee? I would hope that they would put aside their distaste and vote for McCain instead of electing a second President Clinton by sitting out.
This is a tough one. On issue after issue after issue I find myself at odds with John McCain and on top of all of that he seems like a rather grouchy old fart that would probably spend too much of his time yelling at the television and chasing kids off the White House lawn.

I appreciate McCain's stand on earmark spending, but how much money is wasted on earmarks each year as opposed to the money that is thrown away annually on the free services for undocumented immigrants in the country? I love his steadfastness on our war against Islamic terrorists, but how many attacks might we have to endure due to McCain's belief that terrorist suspects should get immunity from questioning and also get the same legal rights as a US citizen? I heard him talk tonight about his desire to nominate constructionist judges, yet his Gang of 14 shenanigans literally handed liberals the ability to thumb their noses at the Presidency. McCain-Feingold? Garbage (and free speech restrictive garbage at that.) Fiscal conservancy? McCain is about as conservative as Bush on spending, but even Bush got the tax cut part of that equation correct. Do you want trust in government? I present to you the Keating 5.

Mr. McCain, you have a tough sell on your hands, but I truly would like to be able to support a candidate wholeheartedly. I do not want to sit out this election, but I will not throw away my vote on what might seem to be simply the lesser of two bad choices. At least try and give me a reason to vote for you other than you are not Hillary. And please stay the hell away from Lindsay Graham. He creeps me out.

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