Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Dallas Media--A Conservative Win Becomes a Loss for Conservatives

It is a sad state of affairs when a win for conservatives becomes a loss for conservatives. This is sadly what has happened in the Dallas media market.

When I first moved to the Dallas area there were two major dailies, The Dallas Morning News and The Dallas Times-Herald. Though I never researched it at the time of my move in the early 80s, the papers were both firmly entrenched into the market. The Times-Herald was the more liberal of the two papers and the Dallas Morning News had a conservative bent.

As things would have it, the conservative paper began to eclipse the Times-Herald in popularity until 1991 when the Morning News purchased its struggling competitor and shut it down the next day. Once the Morning News found itself alone in the huge market it began a shift to the left even if that shift may have been unintentional. Now, after several years it appears as if the slow shifting might be nearly complete. In essence strong conservative support for the Morning News may have been instrumental in removing its conservative credentials.

Some 12 years after I stopped calling Big D and the Lone Star State home I am almost shocked to read about The Dallas Morning News and whom they have nominated for their Texan of the Year.

From Michelle Malkin

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