Wednesday, October 10, 2007

UAW Strikes Michigan Again

It is pretty easy to understand the workers of the UAW walking out once again, carrying their signs and generally acting belligerent with passing motorists. After all, they are simply doing what they think will help them financially in the future. They are trying to protect the jobs they already have and want to hang on to what they already own. There is nothing surprising about this.

What does surprise me, however, is the support that these workers get among politicians that should be looking at the big picture, the picture that includes not only Michigan, but Ohio, Alabama, Indiana and yes, Japan and Korea too.

These marching union members couldn't give a rat's ass over whether or not one single job is created in Michigan if that job is not union. Should we be surprised then than Honda and Toyota decide to build their plants elsewhere? The second that any automobile company decides to build in our state the UAW would begin stalking them with the same vigilance that Michael Moore does a Twinkie.

Is this tactic good for the 10 or 12 per cent of Michigan workers that happen to belong to a union? Perhaps. Is this tactic a good move for the remaining 90 per cent of Michigan workers and their families?


The UAW is striking against more than Chrysler, it is striking against an economic recovery in Michigan.

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