Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Laura Bush Among Friends

This picture is from Debbie Schlussel.

The pictures was taken during the First Lady's recent swing through the middle east to promote breast cancer awareness.

I'm sorry, but these women, while certainly having to worry about the dangers of breast cancer, also have to worry about being relegated to near inhuman status and therefore all the different abuses that come from being thought of in such a way. I wish Mrs. Bush would do some promotion of a different kind on the behalf of these women--assuming those are women underneath those hoods.

I am encouraged to see that at least she did not feel it necessary to don one of those silly scarves that Nancy Pelosi was so willing to parade around Syria. At least we have that.

1 comment: said...

Everytime I see a picture like that I think back to an old ephisode of 7th Heaven (a show that I'll gladly admit I enjoyed in my more relative youth).

It was pre 9/11 and focused on the plight of women in the Muslim world, specifically Afghanistan. Everywhere Mrs. Camden went she saw something that made her think of these poor women living in these oppressive conditions. Big-time message show about how the civilized world has a responsibility to help... not necessarily through "the state" but through prayer, missions, humanitarian efforts... whatever.

How times have changed. Now the left openly defends the butchers and barbarians.