Friday, October 05, 2007

Stewpot of Religious Leftists
Meet to Protest Iraq War

Sooner or later this sort of thing is going to get noticed by the church members back home. Until then....its party time!

Its not so much that any protest of the war is unimaginable or ill conceived for many people of reasonable intellect can go round and round on this one for years (and already have.) What gives me the heebie jeebies is this crude epoxy of misfits that seem to enjoy the blessing of (what used to be) common sense churches to represent them as spokespeople and at media events.
From Mark Tooley in today's Front Page Mag:

Religious Left officials joined in a press conference on the lawn of the Methodist Building on Capitol Hill to unveil their umpteenth protest against the Iraq War. This time, it will be an interfaith “fast” to coincide both with Islam’s Ramadan season and, more specifically, with Columbus Day. The fasters prefer to call the later the “day of conquest.”

The locale, the cause, and the participants all combined to create a uniquely absurd spectacle. Participants included the United Methodist Board of Church and Society, which owns the Methodist Building, the National Council of Churches, liberal Jewish groups, some Buddhists, liberal Baptists and the Islamic Society of North America. The later is named as an un-indicted co-conspirator in the ongoing terrorism trial involving the Holy Land Foundation.

To help illustrate the fast’s interfaith theme, Gerald Serotta of Rabbis for Human Rights sounded a shofar, or ram’s horn, which Jews have used for 3 millennia as an instrument of worship. Serotta himself was introduced by Rabbi Debra Kolodny, self-professed sexual liberationist and editor of “Blessed Bi-Spirit: Bisexual People of Faith.” Rabbi Kolodny is a noted advocate of “polyamory” and the ostensible holiness of multiple sexual partners. She is not your typical rabbi. “Today, we will activate our senses,” she pronounced, right before the shofar was sounded.

But how superbly sublime that Rabbi Kolodny should be present on the lawn of the Methodist Building, taking a break from her crusade for polamory, to introduce the blowing of a shofar against the Iraq War, with her Muslim and Methodist co-belligerents. And how often is an official from the Islamic Society of North America likely to spend a late Summer morning in public solidarity with a bisexual Jewish rabbi? Only the United Methodist Board of Church and Society could facilitate such a cosmic event.

No doubt, 85 years ago, Methodism’s Old Board of Temperance had exactly this kind of event in mind when it dedicated the Methodist Building as a shrine to chaste and temperate living. Worried primarily about the destructive wages of intoxication, but also about “salacious” literature,” racy Hollywood films and the vices of the race track, the Old Temperance Board raised dimes and quarters from Sunday school classes and Methodist women’s groups across the nation. The old temperance crusaders likely never foresaw that the fruits of their labors would include the author of “Blessed Bi-Spirit,” or the Islamic Society of North America.
I tell you what, if you promise in the future to keep these psych-patients entertained at home I will promise to keep crazy Uncle Joe out of the moonlight in his thong and paisley leg warmers. And, if Joe does happen to get loose by accident, I can assure you he will not be speaking for me in front of the press corps.

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