Monday, December 19, 2011

Joe Biden is not Sentient, per se...

Fightin' Joe Biden is at it again, this time waxing eloquent on the tangled web of geopolitical intrigue present in modern day stone age Afghanistan and, one assumes, tribal Pakistan.

One can definitely draw a line between al Qaida and the Taliban, but one cannot have one working brain cell and posit that the Taliban is no enemy of the US. While they are not al Qaida, they did offer Osama bin Laden an unfettered existence within their territories from which to attack the US. While they are not al Qaida, they have killed many Americans within Afghanistan. While they are not al Qaida, they have helped to export terror to surrounding countries including Pakistan and India. While they are not al Qaida, the Taliban is one of the most oppressive political bodies on Earth, beating women who do not cover their faces, burning schools, blowing up innocent civilians, stoning infidels, outlawing music, among other things.

The Taliban is working against every interest of the US and is willing to back that up with munitions. Yet our Vice President does not see within any of that the hint of an enemy stance.

One heartbeat from the presidency resides a man with a flat line EEG.

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