Sunday, December 11, 2011

Imagine My Surprise

Imagine my surprise when I read the first few sentences of a politics blog post by Libby Spencer in the Detroit News.

"As you know, the investment firm MF Global went bankrupt and somehow "lost" at least $1.2 billion of their customers' money. Former CEO...["]
Seeing that an article written by Libby Spencer might possess even the slightest hint of criticism aimed at a progressive Democrat is enough to set my heart aflutter. Might Libby be seeing the light? Might her enthusiastic approval of all things socialist at all times be finally cracking.

Might she finally criticize John Corzine, the huge Democrat supporter and former Democrat governor of New Jersey, who took huge bets on foreign states with his clients' money just before the Eurozone members began floating in obvious debt? Might she?

With a lump in my throat I decided that I had to look.

So, I clicked through to the main blog post where I was met with this headline: GOP helps Banksters Run Wild. Drat.

Libby was just teasing.

No mention of Corzine's long standing membership within the favored Wall Street Democrat support group. No mention of Corzine's party affiliation. No mention of his Democratic former governorship in the nearly insolvent state of New Jersey. No mention of Corzine's term as Democratic senator. No mention of his failed nomination to President Obama's cabinet. No mention of any of these pesky little facts in a story designed to use Corzine's actions as a way to pillory the GOP.

I did find this little bit of fun...
I didn't know this but according to the report, "Farmers, ranchers and others who make a living from agriculture rely on futures contracts to lock in commodity prices."
Imagine that, Libby admitting her ignorance on something so basic as this despite the fact she feels expert enough to comment on politics and economics with all too much frequency.

Let's hope she doesn't discover all the items of basic economics in which she is totally ignorant, at least any time soon. I don't think my heart could take it and I'm certain I couldn't toil my way through any blog post of Libby's that long.

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