Friday, April 16, 2010

WATZ Smears Alpena Tea Party

Is radio station WATZ in Alpena owned and operated by homophobes, or are they simply profane? Hard to tell...but this headline in today's news clearly indicates that one of the two situations does exist within the station's ownership and management.

Tea Baggers Rally in Alpena

I don't have to go into all the gory details about what a teabagging sex act is, but needless to say that I don't believe that WATZ would ever consider publishing the headline "Cocksuckers Rally in Alpena."

Yet, when citizens assemble to protest the size of a government gorged on both taxpayer dollars and every red cent that it can borrow from the Chinese, because this viewpoint runs contrary to a sitting president who happens to be a kindred spirit with most journalism practitioners of today, they are labeled teabaggers.

So, WATZ...what are you? Are you homophobes that get off by calling each other faggots behind closed doors, or do you simply have potty mouths that Mommy didn't wash out often enough with the Irish Spring?

In either case you ought to be ashamed of yourself for such poor journalism. Journalism standards used to suggest at least a modicum of objectivity in the reporting of news. At WATZ, apparently, that attitude has morphed into one that doesn't let the opportunity for a cheap political taunting to go to waste.

h/t commenter grannynanny at Right Michigan

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