Friday, April 09, 2010

Bart Calls it Quits

Bart Stupak, the nine term representative from Michigan's first congressional district is calling it quits after cheesing off all but about five of his constituents.

His vote for Obamacare after months of opposition to it exposed the crafty bureaucrat for what most of his constituents hoped that he was not--a rudderless turncoat willing to sell out his most adamantly defended moral position for the promise of a larger socialist state.

Since his stand on Obamacare became nationally newsworthy, he found himself being sniped at from both sides of the political aisle. He already had a democrat primary challenger for reelection that had garnered an endorsement from the NOW, had already lost endorsements from Right to Life, and the Republicans and tea party protesters seemed more energized than ever to see him become unemployed.

Stupak has said that his recent plummet in popularity has nothing to do with his decision to drop out and that he is comfortable with his vote on Obamacare. I think this is a too convenient answer to an uncomfortable question. Had the Obamacare vote not taken place this year I am certain that Bart Stupak would be standing for reelection this fall.

Meanwhile, the Tea Party Express is rolling through Bart's district with its first stop taking place in Bart's home tome of Menominee last evening.

The Tea Party Express is now taking on a new theme through its leg in the 1st District. While its pass through the area was initially promoted as a launching pad from which motivated conservative activists could begin the process of defeating Stupak in the fall, it has now become a celebration of the power of individuals against big government and tone deaf politicians of all stripes.

All Stupak protestations aside, it feels wonderful to have even a small voice in a still great land.

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Hershblogger said...

The Tea Party Express showed up, Bart quit. We didn't even have to get off the bench.

How foolish he must feel, having sold out for a mess of pottage. Fake pottage.