Monday, April 05, 2010

Free Phones in Michigan

Why are people making 150% of the poverty level (not even defined as poor) qualified for a free cell phone with 200 free minutes per month? I'm one of those grizzled old timers who doesn't even think that poor people should get free phones unless a private company is willing to give them one, let alone people who by definition are above the poverty line.

Families that make an income of 150 percent of the poverty guidelines or below qualify for the service -- the levels vary for different-sized households.

The service provides a phone, free voice mail, call waiting and caller ID, along with the 200 free minutes.

It is supported by the Universal Service Administrative Company, an arm of the Federal Communications Commission which stipulates that low-income customers be able to have access to communication devices.
Taxpayers subsidize phone services for many who are completely capable of providing their own but who would rather have someone else pay for them. This hurts the profitability of the private sector while creating a needless entitlement and will not only result in the loss of private sector jobs but will encourage the expansion of bureaucracy.

Is it any wonder that the size of the government continues to grow as the private sector has difficulty creating jobs?

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