Friday, April 09, 2010

Israel is Being Treated Like the Enemy

Barack Obama's foreign policy for the Middle East is becoming increasingly clear--it holds no trust for America's strongest historical ally in the region and is discounting the value of a thriving and stable democracy amidst the ruin and chaos of Muslim theocracy.

Barack Obama and company clearly believe that it is Israel that stands between the region and a long lasting peace. They believe that Israel is not making the necessary concessions to keep the peace process moving forward. Recognizing too that the United States has provided Israel with valuable foreign assistance since its inception (and also recognizing that Israel's standing in the larger world is on a par with chancre) Obama is using every inch of leverage he can to apply pressure to the only Jewish state on Earth.

Obama's tactics concerning Israel require equal portions of naivete, willful misreadings of history, and malice.

There will be no lasting peace in the Middle East as long as Islam contains within its basic charter a demand to kill the sons of pigs and apes, those who mislead, the infidels, and the enemies of Islam. This charter infers an elevation of Jerusalem to holy city status despite there being no specific reference to it within the text.

Israel has made many overtures to their Arab enemies. They have given monetary aid, medicine, energy, and food. They have ceded land and razed their own settlements. During past peace negotiations Israel conceded to a vast majority of Arab demands if only it could enjoy peace. Yassir Arafat answered these concessions with a huffy exit and an Intifada where the favored Arab negotiating tactics became the suicide vest.

Obama must willfully ignore these facts and myriad more if he believes that Israel is the obstacle to peace. Yet he persists.

In the past few weeks the Israel/American relationship has soured even further. The Israeli Prime Minister was insulted in a manner unprecedented by any previous occupier of the White House. It was lectured to by a V.P. incapable of teasing his own hair. It has been admonished by the Secretary of State. And now it is having its scientists denied visas at the same time that Arab terrorist apologists are being granted visas in order to further fan the flames of anti-Israeli sentiment among America's progressive and Muslim communities.

In a world where the Jews could previously count on perhaps one country to understand their desire to survive, there now might be none.

America voted for change. We certainly have it.

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